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"I have been tirelessly chasing fish my entire life. My pursuit of fish started with a Fly Rod and to be perfectly honest, for the first few years, I really didn’t have much success! But that didn’t stop me. After a couple of years of intense practice, study, and plain trial and error, I started hooking fish. My target species was trout at the time. Within a few years I could successfully fish any river or lake in the Northwest and strategically catch trout. From there I migrated over to West Yellowstone for 4 months of Fly Fishing exclusively in South Central Montana and Eastern Idaho. After returning home to Portland, OR, my pursuit of Trout shifted to Coho and Steelhead. Only having 4 and 6 wt. fly rods didn’t stop me from figuring out these fish either! Using aggressive intruder type flies was my niche and I loved stalking these much larger, harder fighting fish! I also tie all of my own flies. During 1997-1998 I was the sole supplier of flies for a popular outdoor store in Washington. I still pursue Salmon and Steelhead on the fly, as well as tie my own patterns". "From fishing with others and teaching myself I learned nearly all aspects of gear fishing in rivers and tidewaters and have become very successful in a few of those methods. Some of those include; Side Drifting, Drift Fishing, Back-trolling, Pulling Bait, Trolling Spinners/Herring, and hover fishing. I also have over a decade of experience in saltwater fishing. I successfully run downriggers, and mooch for Salmon and bottom fish". "With my documented time on the water, and schooling I currently hold a 25 Ton Master Operators License from the United States Coast Guard. This allows me to safely run power driven vessels for hire on all Federally Navigable Waters, Inland". I'm First Aid/CPR Certified, insured, and always run my trips with safety in mind. "I love nothing more as a guide to be a part of others catching fish. Since 1996 I have been fortunate enough to put others onto hundreds of Salmon, Steelhead, and Trout from Tillamook Bay to the San Juan Islands, SW Alaska and most of the rivers in between" - Mark Coleman, PFG, FT, US Coast Guard Licensed Captain

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