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Area 9 King Opener

July 16, 2009

Area 9 - Admiralty Inlet, Washington 07-16-09 06:00 AM ( about 3 hours )

Went out Thursday morning and I was shocked at the number of boats at PNP. We trolled around and tossed back lots of small lings and true cod!

Around 9, the rod is buried but I don't see a head shake. Told my dad, grab the rod!!! He grabs and and lines coming out, but didn't seem like a fish. I thought I snagged a pot. As I started turning the boat about, it finally started dancing, and I knew it was a nice one.

A couple of circles with the boat, and we eased in this fish. My scale couldn't fully weigh the fish, and it would slide off the clamps reading 23lb before I can fully lift it off the ground. I'm guesstimating another couple of pounds. Its my dad's biggest salmon by far and the largest I've caught in the sound.

The tape and camera angle doesn't give the fish justice. That is a standard sized cutting board. I can't get the camera high enough so it seems like the cutting board is only 9" wide!


1 Kept Chinook salmon 25lb



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