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November 22, 2008 - November 23, 2008

Shilshoal Bay, Washington 11-23-08 07:30 AM ( about 2 hours )

Took Tina and Jim back to Shilshoal, Westpoint Sunday morning. We started trolling around 7:30. We released shaker after shaker, not kidding. Almost as soon as we put the rod in the holder, we'd have one on. We trolled several lines looking for the bait and fish. Around 9, Jim says "let's go get some crab instead". I say we've just reached the 200' depth, lets see if we get away from the shakers.

That was the cue, fish on! We mark the school on the sounder and Jim brings in a nice 8 lber. Tina turns the boat around and fish on again, I bring in a slightly smaller fish. Of course we hit the same spot again, and get our third fish. 3 fish between 6-8lb. Done at 9:30.


3 Kept Chinook salmon
35 Released Shakers

Browns Bay, Washington 11-22-08 02:00 PM ( about 18 hours )

We head to Browns bay were we left our pots the day before, get some starfish and some crab, 1/2 of which were missing some appendages.


7 Kept Dungeness crab


Firstmate wrote: (over 12 years ago)
Looked like it was a good day!


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