Area 9 with intern

August 13, 2008

Possession Point, Washington 08-13-08 06:00 AM ( about 1 hour )

With area 9 reopen, and hearing some positive reports, we head to southeast end of possession. The current was strong, but we found the bait and started fishing - shaker after shaker. We really had trouble in the max ebb current, so we bail after half and hour.


4 Released Shakers

Point No Point, Washington 08-13-08 07:00 AM ( about 1 hour )

Head to point no point, and started trolling with the tide. Had a few releases caused by lots of salad. So we pick up at the end of the troll and run all the way to pilot point.


No catches reported.

Pilot Point, Washington 08-13-08 08:00 AM ( about 1 hour )

Didn't fare much better, in fact it was even worse. Trolling north we snag both downriggers on a crab pot. I manage to free one, but the other cable broke. We didn't get any hits except for flounder, and round off the day catching some flounder. At least my intern didn't go back empty handed. :)


4 Kept Flounder


GEEZER wrote: (over 10 years ago)
Come on folks, how about som updates? this info is WAY old and I cant buy a bite. A few selvers are in Hood Canal. Some in the teens but got major lock jaw. Just cruising back and forth bustin eggs Near Hoodsport Geezer


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