My gear issues continue...

August 3, 2008

Jeff Head, Washington 08-03-08 06:00 AM ( about 2 hours )

Going to fish with my coworker today and her dad. Arrived at Edmonds Marina at 5AM, and noticed I had missed a call from 4:20AM. Turns out she called to confirm, an since I didn't pick up, did not head out. So she says she'll be here in 20, but didn't arrive until 5:40.

Was going to Point No Point, but decided to get our lines in the water at Jeff Head earlier to hit the slack. Started trolling with 3 rods. For the next 3 hours, we released shaker after shaker, and kept getting bit by flounder as well.

Finally, on the north end, the rod really doubles over, and a nice king is on. A few head shakes, and the line breaks, WT@#%@#$! I lose my trusty flasher and spoon. I've caught many kings on this reel and line, and don't understand how it can break. This is the 4th king this year I've lost due to gear issues. I'm respooling all my reels today, just to remove the bad mojo.

Anyhow, we end the day unable to fish more than 5 minutes without a shaker or a flounder being dragged. Tough to catch a king that way.


5 Kept Flounder
3 Released Dogfish shark
10 Released Shakers
1 Lost Chinook salmon


AC wrote: (over 12 years ago)
Where's the 1 Lost King?
earlybird wrote: (over 12 years ago)
Doh! added it...


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