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This summer, Bremont launched the diamond-encrusted Solo’Lady K’watch, creating an icy charm The British watchmaker’s series of classic aviation chronometers ushered in a new member of the family-this is the first ever watch with a 60-diamond bezel.

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So far, it should not be surprising that an increasingly common view among female watch collectors is that genderless design is the way forward. Despite this, you still cannot deny the special charm of exquisite jewellery watches-not only for women, but they will definitely be considered-so the brand keeps dipping their toes into the pond, and it is not surprising that the sparkling jewellery Up-focus on the improvisation of other boring sports watches.

In order to take advantage of the popularity of Hawking Quantum in 2020, a breakthrough “ladies watch” from the physicist-inspired series of the same name, Bremont has just released the “Lady K”, which is part of its long-running Solo series. The new members (think the pilot watch, a tribute to the romance of the fighter ace of the World War II era) brought wearability and a little bling to the party. There are two different mother-of-pearl dials to choose from. This is the first instance of Bremont using gemstones in the main line series, which means it is different from Quantum.

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