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Welcome to our site!

My name is Paul Hsu. I’ve been fishing since I was a kid in the San Francisco Bay area. I started out fishing on piers and also on charters. I moved to Seattle after graduation and started working at a major internet company. I’ve always been envious of those with boats here in Washington State bringing in nice fish. A few years ago, I finally bought a Grady White, and eventually upgraded to my Glacier Bay.

I joined the PSA Sno-King club 5 years ago, and recently started thinking how I can create a better website for fishermen, by fishermen, creating an online community where we are not just about using forums to share info.

I enlisted help from a friend, and we started by creating a PERSONAL online fishing log. I’ve always had a hard time remembering what worked a few years ago in what area, and this allows me to do that, plus chart all of my data and analyze it. Now, we all have a close knit group of friends who we are willing to share data with, and we also don’t want everyone in the world to know, so the fishing log is designed so that you can share it with your friends, a club you belong to, or everyone.

With this, you can now use the analyzer on all the data people have decided to share with you. Create an account, and check out what you can do with the data I’ve shared in the analyzer!

We’ve also created a group feature that allows fishing clubs to create their own website with all the features fisharc provides. The group master can create derbies, forums, and manage members.

Hope you enjoy these tools we’ve built, and a lot more are forthcoming.

We are here to create the site the way our members need it to be used, so PLEASE leave us feedback and suggestions in the feedback forum. Let’s get this ball rolling!

Tight lines,

- earlybird