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Besides race times and the names of shoes, Adidas Superstar Dam Vit we also have data on runners’ gender and approximate age. For some of the more serious runners, we have detailed Nike Air Max 90 Femme information about their training volume in the months leading up to a race. We also know about the weather on race day.When we put this information into a statistical model, times associated with Vaporfly and Next% shoes are a clear outlier — about 2 percent Nike Air Max 95 Womens faster Nike Air Max 720 Damen than with the next-fastest shoe. The model estimates the effect of wearing these shoes compared with the effect of wearing other shoes.No statistical model is perfect, and it’s possible that runners who choose to wear Vaporfly Nike Roshe Run Dámské or Next% shoes are somehow different from runners who do not. Regardless of the decisions that Adidas ZX Flux Womens went into this model — even when trying to control for runners’ propensity to wear the shoes in the first place — the outputs were similar.

Strava Nike Air Max 270 Damen is very popular among runners. At last year’s Berlin Marathon, for example, more than 10,000 runners uploaded race Nike Air Max 90 Damen Schwarz information to Strava, and this year, more than 14,000 did. Crucially for our purposes, about a thousand of those runners ran both races, and a subset of them reported racing in different shoes.We could then examine the change in performance of two similar runners — people with similar race performances and, ideally, training Nike Air Max 95 Womens regimens — and compare the improvement of a runner who switched shoes with a runner who did not. In Berlin, runners who switched to Vaporfly or Next% shoes Nike Air Max 90 Womens improved their times more than runners who did not, on average.

For two athletes and a single pair of races, this might not tell us much. But in our data, there are thousands of instances when pairs of runners ran in the same two races.When Adidas Superstar Donne we perform this calculation for every pair of races in our data and measure the effect of switching to any kind of popular shoe, we see that runners who switch to these Nike shoes improved significantly more than runners who switched to any other kind of shoe. No other shoe comes close to having the same effect.When we aggregate the change in race times for Adidas Superstar Womens runners the first time they switch to a new pair of shoes, runners who switched to Vaporflys Adidas ZX Flux Mujer or Next% shoes improved their times more than runners who switched to any other kind of popular shoe.